Influencers: Build Your Case Study to Reach New Clients

Hey influencers, listen up! Part two of our Influencer Series is all about case studies. Case studies are the perfect way to show a potential client proof that you are rock star. It’s a way to show more than just images and your style—your case study includes the data and numbers to support your pitches to brands.

Show your success! The main point of a case study is to prove that you are a good influencer to work with through data points and testimonials. Numbers don’t lie. They are a powerful way to set you apart and prove your worth. Sharing past collaborations gives potential partners a sense of who you are. They help someone easily see your value and worth when it comes to being a brand partner, and will help you close more client deals and book more business. 

So, you may be wondering, what’s the difference between a case study and my media kit?

Your media kit conveys your style and aesthetic. Your case study shows your impact when it comes to working with brands. If a brand is deciding what influencer(s) they want to work with, they look at a few key things. 

  1. Are you and their brand a good fit?
  2. Do you convey professionalism?
  3. Do you show results of your past work?


See (image below) how one influencer conveys her success. This snapshot shows her social brand before and then after she refined her aesthetic, and put partnerships into action. She highlights specific partnerships and lists her success through powerful statistics. If all a potential partner only saw that her 10 Placements through New York Fashion Week garnered over a million impressions, they’d know she gets the job done. It’s powerful stuff! She includes the following: what the increase is in social engagement, increase in followers and partner reach, # of strategic partnerships, placements and impressions.

You’ll definitely want to include:


What did your partnership look like? How is it unique to your style and your feed? How did you make the content work for both you and the brand?

Engagement rate & link clicks

How did your followers respond? What extra exposure will you bring that partner? Did you get a lot of positive engagement on your content? 

Data on Impact (if possible)

If you’re able to acquire actual figures (sales, traffic driven, reach/impressions) attributed directly to your hustle, bonus! 


Even if your just getting started just have one client testimonial, it will go a long way. Email past clients and ask them for a quote about what it was like to work with you.

If you’re just getting started you won’t have a case study to show off. That’s okay! But remember, you don’t have to have a million followers to build a case that drives business for you. Highlight any client work you’ve done that is driving business for them and showcase it. We bet you’ll see a difference in no time!


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