Get noticed! How to close the deal with your Influencer Media Kit.

Being an Influencer means you hustle! Whether it’s hustling to create content, update your blog or connect with brands that totally sync with who you are, you are always making connections and having to prove your value. Before you begin any brand partnership, they want to know why you are the perfect fit for them. In an ever-changing Instagram and social landscape, are you putting your best self out there? We just shared what kinds of changes brands and Influencers should be prepared for when Instagram gets rid of likes. But even before that happens, you should make sure you have a media kit that makes you shine. Not sure where to start? We’re about to show you how to create a kick-ass kit that will make you stand out from the ever-more-crowded influencer field. 

Who needs a media kit? You! Anyone who wants to close the deal and work with those amazing brands you’ve got your eye on! It’s essential for Influencers in fashion, lifestyle, really any field.

What is a media kit and why do you need one? A media kit showcases your amazing self and why you’re a perfect fit for the client. It can (and should) come in multiple forms: a PDF, web page, live link, snapshot and mobile visual. It’s a must-have that starts the conversation with potential partners. Think of it as your pitch deck, your ‘about me,’ your visually fabulous intro. You need one because it easily sums up key information about your past success on your IG, your blog, your business and will help brand partners get excited about working with you.

Where to go to get started – Keep it simple + you don’t have to start from scratch!

  • We recommend using one of the thousands of ready-to-use design assets already out there. They’re easy to download and use in just seconds. They’re super affordable—the only downfall is there are so many awesome options! Find the site you like, your price point, and (most importantly), an aesthetic that represents you and your work. Some of our favorite places to go and get inspiration/get started:

What to include:

  • First:Your ‘About you’ section. Who are you? Take your time outlining what you represent and what sets you apart. Why would a brand want to work with you over another potential influencer? Show your personality, your style and your wow factor!
  • Second:Pictures, pictures, pictures. We’re living in a visual era and you work in a visual medium, so include all your best pics! Show how you thrive in whatever it is you do — travel, style, creative, photography/videography, and so much more. Just be sure every image is high quality and authentic.
  • Third:Stats! Aka show me the $! Who is your audience + how many followers, impressions, reach, engagement rate, etc. For a gauge of the most important/basic info to include, see our founder Evie Phillips Media Kit snapshot (below). This is her one page view that sums up her value as a partner and influencer. If a client requests a simple pitch—they might not require or have the time to view your entire kit—you should have a snapshot like this to send their way.
    • The other crucial stuff? If it makes you shine, include it! Show off your client feedback, brand portfolios via links, and any press features you’ve gotten. Also, include the simple but crucial stuff like your social networks and links to everything so a client can dig deep. Oh and make sure all those sites look just as good as your media kit. It just takes one click to a slow loading or confusing website to turn a potential deal into nada.

What not to include:

  • You only have so much space to get your message across, so leave out any fluffy text and words that don’t have any backing. If you say you’re an ‘International inspiration’ then show them exactly how you do that. If you say you’ve made an impact in the fashion world, then they expect to see proof. Back up your claims with facts, figures and data and you’ll be hard to ignore. 
  • Content or info that is hard to open (read: files that are too big) or read (keep your font a legible size, too small and the reader will click out before grabbing their glasses). Assume that your client might be looking at anything you send them on their phone, on a mac or pc, on the web or printed from their computer. Give them options that match. For example, don’t take up a huge chunk of a snapshot page, that they might want to print out, with a video that makes them go to Youtube. Really think about your audience with every piece of info you add!
  • Anything that might turn your client off. Remember, we are now in business mode. Swearing, slang that is way too trendy, images that verge on needing to be censored etc. This also might mean editing/altering your kit for specific clients because you know (yes, you’ve researched them before-hand!) they will respond to specific language, imagery and prior partnership examples.  

Details that will set you apart:

  • At least one specific case study (we’ll get more into how to create one next week). It’s the most powerful to show how you’ve created an impact for your clients. How you’ve made other people more $ and get more engagement? That’s impact!
  • Partnership Opportunities. Be specific about what you can bring to the table. Do you have success in co-hosting events? Do you have design/creative/video/other collaboration skills? Any way that you can (honestly and authentically) bring more value to a partner is going to make you stand out. 
  • We’ve mentioned this a bit, but be sure to come up with a few versions of your media kit. We recommend at least the following:
    1. Downloads: A one page snapshot + a three page media kit. Think of these like a resume. Some clients might just want an easy version while others want to see more! What is important here is that you get a read for what makes sense to send them and you have exactly that ready to go.
    2. A web page version of your media kit. Again, clients may want a link and not an attachment. Make the difference and give them whatever it is that’s going to make it EASY for them to say ‘here’s who this person is, and yes we want to work with them!’
  • Make it live! Tech can be the difference between a potential client downloading and waiting or seeing you live and in action. Try a service like which brings your PDF content to life through a link. 

Not sure where to begin with your media kit and then what your influencer strategy should be? Reach out to us and we can help Happy creating! ?


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