Why Partnerships are More Powerful

Why you should partner with like-minded brands on and offline to thrive like never before.

It’s true – we are better together. Partnering up isn’t just a crucial human thing (we literally need connection to thrive, ask Psychology Today!), it’s a business and marketing thing too. Have you contemplated partnering with another company as part of your marketing strategy? Not sure where to start or who to target? Have you tried it out but didn’t necessarily see things through? We think it’s so worth it – as long it’s the right fit! According to Forbes, partnerships not only lower the cost of acquisition, but they also help us build our brand – easy and for way less $ than traditional marketing channels. We highlight how our client, The Salon Project, is making the most out of their business partnerships – and the three lessons you can walk away with that will help you partner up for success. 

Photo Credit: Goldwell

Better Together: The Salon Project + Goldwell 

What it is – Go to any of The Salon Project’s lux locations and you can expect to receive services with Goldwell products.

Why it works – They share a common mission. They both believe that styling products and tools should be innovative and client focused. This translates to a luxurious and seamless salon visit for their customers.

How to make it happen?

  • Make a list of the brands and people you LOVE and want to work with! Don’t be afraid to tell them, no matter how big/# of followers they have.
  • Start outreach with the brands you want to partner with. Share the things you notice about them and what you have in common. Brands and the people behind them still appreciate having an ally in the business world.
  • When you do any outreach, make sure it’s meaningful and authentic. If your customers don’t share similar passions and your brands don’t have like-minded visions it likely won’t work out.

Photo Credit: The Salon Project

First impressions are everything: The Salon Project + Saks Fifth Avenue

What it is – A world-class shopping experience met with a world-class salon experience.

Why it works – The two work in harmony: the visual experience, the level of service, the attention to detail, all in all a perfect pair!

Determine if you’re a good match –

  • Does the partnership make sense to potential customers? If they have to ask – ‘why are you selling together?’ then it might not be a great fit.
  • Do your brands match or clash? Do your products complement or compete?
  • Is the feel and experience – whether online or in person – seamless?

Cassell A. Ferere for Forbes

Something unexpected: The Salon Project + CBD Beauty

What it is – The Salon Project (a state of the art luxury salon experience) and the numerous beauty brands -hair/skin/CBD/makeup- they feature in-house at their innovative @SAKS store locations. Forbes has even called their partnership “an experiential ‘shop in shop’ with beautiful branding, leading formulations and tranquil treatments.”

Why it works – Going beyond what is expected, surprising with a new experience. 

Why it works – Customers are surprised (yet delighted) by something new. Not a trend, not a fluke but products that will truly benefit their lives.

  • They have a truly captive audience. Their customers have already come to their salons for a reason. It’s a great time to present brands that ? align with The Salon Project’s high-end experience.
  • Customers can see – smell – try the product. Heck yes for real life moments!

How to make it happen?

  • Make a list! Who is your customer? What products are they interested in and what products can you show them that are going to add even more value? For example, we love that The Salon Project features innovative CBD beauty brands that are beneficial + branded beautiful but often times totally new to their customer.
  • What will success look like? How long will you feature the product? Is there a discount involved?
  • Will you enjoy working with the people involved? They’re going to show up so make sure you look forward to the many moments they walk in your door!

Get #partnered! Utilize our ‘business partnership’ checklist (below) to get started – make a list of favorites in your field and get together already. ?



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