How to Promote Your CBD Beauty Brand Without Getting Flagged

CBD and Social Media

CBD brands and products are trending big! And we predict that they aren’t going anywhere. The major players in the CBD space are becoming more widely recognized as more people try their products and experience the positive benefits, both mental and physical. But our social media platforms are still figuring out how CBD fits into their content and ad guidelines because it’s not actually illegal. We did some research to determine just how and where you can and can’t promote your CBD brands…for now.

Digital Marketing and CBD: what’s allowed?

Digital advertising is still figuring out what the rules are when it comes to CBD. Each platform is different, and we’ve heard that some content is allowed one day and then flagged the next. It’s important to realize that it makes a big difference whether the CBD is ingestible or topical, but it also makes a big difference what the claims are in an ad or post. Topical brands have the advantage of being up against fewer restrictions, versus ingestible brands (like vapes, edibles and more), which are up against much stricter guidelines and typically banned from the social platforms. 

Below, we’re breaking it down by each platform to help you promote your CBD beauty products online. We are also giving you some pointers on how to promote your content without relying fully on traditional paid digital marketing!

CBD Beauty Brands: How to avoid getting flagged

If your beauty products contain CBD, don’t let that stop you from running ads and promotions. You’ll just have to word your ads carefully. Talk about the benefits of your products, show off your beautiful branding, just make sure ‘CBD’ is not mentioned or visible in the copy or photo/video. Your ads can link back to landing pages that mention CBD if it’s topical (not ingestible). Make sure you have images of your products that don’t show ‘CBD’ either, whether that means taking pics of the labels creatively or digitally removing the word altogether. 

Facebook/Instagram and CBD

It’s not explicitly stated in their ad guidelines — we have a feeling they are quickly trying to catch up — but Facebook currently won’t approve ads that feature CBD products by name. You can, however, feature your CBD product as long as you don’t say CBD in copy or image. It may seem odd, but the platform has been known to be slow to catch up to product trends. 

According to Digiday, these are the products Facebook will and won’t allow in ads on both Facebook and IG:

  • CBD – not allowed
  • Ingestible hemp – not allowed
  • Non-ingestible hemp – allowed

Facebook & IG Do’s

  • Focus on organic promotion
  • Get creative with descriptions and imagery 
  • Maximize your hashtag game and work with influencers (more on those below)

Photo source @cococannalife

Twitter and CBD 

Twitter’s content guidelines are well-known for being less strict than Facebook’s which means CBD brands don’t have to be as careful when it comes to organic content. But the same rules apply for advertising: don’t mention CBD specifically and avoid health claims. 

Twitter Do’s

  • Build a community around your brand.
  • Post specials and new products.
  • Link back to your website.

Pinterest and CBD

Pinterest’s advertising guidelines specifically state that ‘Products made from CBD, hemp or their derivatives’ are prohibited. Just like all other platforms, advertising is going to be far more restrictive so your best bet is to focus on organic promotion of your products.

Pinterest Do’s

  • Post high-quality images that relate back to your brand and products.
  • Educate your audience. What is CBD and why does your brand stand out?

Generating Reach without Social Ads 

As any digital native knows, there is more than one way to skin a cat. You may think you need ads to generate awareness and broaden the reach for your products and page, but there are in fact, so many creative ways to maximize your presence on these platforms. 

Maximize your Hashtag Game

On Instagram and Twitter (and Facebook too to some extent) you can maximize your post reach with a smart hashtag strategy. Use #CBD #Hemp, etc… and then add more niche #s as well, like #CBDBeauty #CBDPainRelief to really get your content and brand in front of an audience who is looking for you. 

Make Influencers/Celebrities Your Reach Drivers 

This may seem obvious, but Influencers (micro and macro), as well as celebrities, are a great way to reach a broader audience of potentially interested consumers. There are a few ways to do this, which we’ll be covering in our blog post next week, but we love product gifting and goodie bag seeding as ways to get your CBD product in front of the right people to share it out. It’s something we practice all the time with our client the CBD Beauty Corner

What’s next?

We hope Facebook and all social platforms will catch up to the rest of the world soon and put specific advertising guidelines into place. We also hope they’ll recognize the benefits of CBD beauty and topicals and stop muting the conversation and promotion of these products. BDS Analytics predicts that the CBD market will reach $20 billion in sales by 2024! That means digital platforms will all have to adapt to keep up with growth and demand. Have you found creative ways to promote your CBD brands? Are you exploring non-digital avenues? Are your ads seeing positive results despite having to be vague about your product’s ingredients? We want to know! 

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