The 3 Instagram Story Hacks we are Loving Right Now

With nearly 500 million active users, Instagram is a true force in the social media world. We can’t imagine ever living without them, but (can you believe it) Insta-stories were only just rolled out in August of 2016! These days we’re noticing that Instagram is putting a lot of energy into making Instagram Stories a platform for users to have more fun and be even more creative, while growing engagement and reach. The only downfall for marketers? It’s hard to keep track of all the new features and story options while still driving traffic, building brand awareness and making sales. That’s why we’ve narrowed down the long list of new features to the 3 Instagram Story hacks that we are loving right now (and that you should definitely try).


Influencers & Shoppable Posts

  • What it is: Newly launched for a few dozen influencers (at least for now) and brands like @parkerkithill @hudabeauty @refinery29
  • Why Influencers love it: Influencers won’t make $ off of the shoppable posts (Instagram takes a %) but they will get access to analytics showing how much traffic their shoppable posts are driving, which will help them build relationships with brands in the future. Shoppable posts can also (and will likely) get increased engagement and lead to a spike in followers.
  • Why Instagram followers love it: Gone will be the days of comment after comment asking “where did you get those sunglasses?” “I love that purse? Can I buy it online?”—even taking screenshots and scouring the web—instead, they can get right to shopping!
  • When will it launch for the rest of us?: The feature has been in test mode for about two months and as soon as we hear more news you’ll be the first to know. Stay tuned!

More colors and?rainbow text!

  • What it is: A great way to really reflect you and your brand’s style and aesthetic is through color. Instagram’s default color options leave much to be wanted but there is a hack that lets you access every color, ever…
  • How to do it: Open Instagram Stories and select the brush tool. Then tap and long-hold any of the color options to open the color slider.  Swipe across to pick the custom color you want for your story. Then start drawing or typing for some color love

Want to go #rainbow on your text?

  • Open Instagram Stories and type out a message. Then tap on your text and then “Select All” to highlight it.
  • Tap and long hold any of the color options (like in the color hack) to access the color slider.
  • With one finger on the highlighted text and one finger on the color slider—slowly swipe left to create a rainbow effect!
  • Try moving your finger faster or slower, or from left to right, and get a different (but still totally awesome) rainbow effect.

Hide your Hashtags

  • What it is: Hashtags drive engagement to our stories in a major way! But sometimes adding a hashtag—or a few—doesn’t go with your story’s aesthetic.
  • This one’s almost too easy! Hide those hashtags. Make your hashtags small enough to hide under a sticker, emoji or gif or blend them in with the background color of your image. Be sure not to make the hashtags SO small that you can’t even read them. There is a point where Instagram doesn’t recognize them.
  • Another way to #hideyourhashtags is to create them in the same color of your story background. 

These Instagram story hacks will not only make your audience smile, but they’ll also keep them coming back for more. We can’t wait to see how you are using these hacks and making your stories shine✨. And if you want to talk more Insta strategy + get your digital marketing game on track, definitely give us a call!



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