We ❤️ these Female Founders

Together, girls are more powerful than ever. That’s why we are keeping the Women’s Day party going by giving so much love to some of our favorite female founders. These are the real boss ladies. What makes them stand out is how they CONTINUE to raise up the women around them – other entrepreneurs, employees and even their female customers. Read on and get majorly inspired.

Dani Beckman – Founder & CEO of JARS by Dani

JARS by Dani is a nationally renowned and socially celebrated dessert company that produces beautifully layered desserts in Insta-perfect dessert packed Jars. She is a social media maven – starting her business with a few curated Instagram posts, she went viral. Unlike most in the age of the short attention span, she has sustained that initial success for over 5 years! We know it’s because Dani has built her business from day one by working hard in all things baking and business and by never looking back. She got her name out there by doing things like emailing people for connections (even ones on random websites), boldly walking into Teen Vogue with her Jars (yup, they loved them), and by believing in her products and her ability to lead and deliver. Dani also knows where and when to ask and give help and advice. She admires and seeks the counsel of those who came before her and is an advocate and mentor to upstarts alike.

We asked Dani – What does being a female founder mean to you?

“Being part of a collective movement of women that are changing the status quo and making a meaningful impact on our respective industries. Working together.”

Dani took an idea, her delicious desserts and a can’t stop-won’t stop attitude and made something so sweet. We can’t wait to see where JARS by Dani show up next. @jars_by_dani


Danielle Vincent – Founder & CEO of KIMIKO

Danielle is a beauty industry expert. She’s a brand and product developer, celebrity makeup artist and skincare and brow expert. Her company, KIMIKO is a Japanese brand of makeup known for their exquisitely precise, made-in-Tokyo brow products. But Danielle’s path to being a cosmetics entrepreneur is made up of so much more than the beautiful brows and radiant skin of her customers and clients. She has experience in the sciences, business, and finance but then came back to her true calling, starting KIMOKO. Danielle has shared that some of the most important (yet usually overlooked) aspects of being a female founder are those times and moments of persevering when things don’t go as planned.  

We asked Danielle – What does being a female founder mean to you?

“I have always had the mindset that I could achieve whatever I set out to, and for that, I have immense gratitude towards the women who came before to forge that path. As a female founder, I believe we achieve so much more when we collaborate and support one another along the upward journey.”

Danielle’s story is proof that success can be forged from knowing you are capable and CAN do it. Surround yourself with women who believe in you, believe in yourself just as much (if not more) and – like Danielle – take your pasts and passions and show them off to the world. @daniellevincentbeauty @kimikobeauty


DJ Nicole Rosé Founder & CEO of Rosé Rockers

Nicole is a woman of so many talents: DJ, Entrepreneur & Investor. She is currently launching a patented brand of flower crown headphones, @roserockers, to take her love of sharing good vibes into the tangible. As the first ever headphone made FOR women BY women, they hope to bring joy to girls around the world. Nicole’s DJ style is soulful and energetic, eclectic yet familiar – and her “glam house” style of music has totally carried over into her female focused attitude and endeavors. Nicole is all about supporting other female owned businesses by investing in women.

We asked Nicole – What does being a female founder mean to you?

“Being a female founder is an innate advantage purely based on the fact that we are female. Feminine energy is truly a gift when harnessed properly. Never see your greatest asset as a disadvantage… like the media will tell you.”

We see Nicole as the whole package of inspiring and innovative. Her mixes (available for your ear delight on djnicolerose.com) are seriously the soundtrack to our every day #GirlPower dance party. @djnicolerose @roserockers


Evie Phillips – Founder of Creeds Collective

When Evie says ‘Authenticity, Darling’…she means it! She brings love, integrity and vulnerability to her team and clients – and as a Founder of Creeds Collective, a social media and influencer tech agency – her style and approach to the industry is a breath of fresh air. Evie will tell you that no one could have told her that she would be where she is today nor could they have assured her she would make it. She’s consistently worked her tail off, followed her dreams and surrounded herself with others who do the same. And this serial entrepreneur and “Queen of Social Media” makes sure that she puts just as much energy into supporting other women as she does into her work.

We asked Evie – What does being a female founder mean to you?

“I am very mindful about creating a company culture that encourages women to grow & step into leadership roles in digital marketing & tech. It’s an honor to help increase our representation in these industries with 85% of our staff being female leaders that talk the talk & walk the walk just as good as “the next guy.”

Next up for Evie? She recently launched Hello Tunnel, a workflow platform that helps brands and agencies plan and schedule their marketing initiatives + autopost to social media. These women can’t be (and won’t be) stopped! @evie_phillips @hellotunnel @creedscollective


Georgia Rappleye – Founder & President MunSun Retreats

MunSun Retreats is a company focused on helping women shine their brightest through vacation retreats and life coaching. Dream job, right? But it’s founder Georgia, a self proclaimed workaholic, first spent ten years in the world of digital advertising, worked across industries ranging from fashion to sports, all the while meeting an endless list of incredible women who inspired her to follow her vacation-loving dreams and start her own business. Georgia was inspired by how empowering it is to be supported and surrounded by other women. She also was inspired by her family. A big part of what brought MunSun to be was just how much fun Georgia and her four sisters have always had when they support each other, work hard and have a ton of fun doing it.

We asked Georgia – What does being a female founder mean to you?

“Being a female founder means being brave. You have to stop caring about what others think or what the social norms are, and just follow your vision.”

After years of gaining experience and honing in on her passion – Georgia built a company that sparks her joy. She did it by putting in hard work, and by embracing the true meaning of sisterhood. @munsunretreats


Sterling McDavid – Co-Founder of Burnett New York, Founder & CEO of Starling Project

Sterling McDavid has really put women first in her endeavors – and has been awarded an impressive list of accolades (The President’s Volunteer Service Award from President Barack Obama just to start) because of it. She boldly left her Wall Street career to focus her energies on helping women and children in need through her brand The Starling Project. The Starling Project is a luxury home fragrance that, with every sale, helps provide solar energy to families in need through the company’s partnership with UNICEF. Last winter Sterling launched Burnett New York, a fashion line hyperfocused on a feminine fit and has strong, working women as it’s core. “Our goal is to dress women who will be empowered by our attire whether they are going to work or going to a gala.” Sterling works hard to empower and inspire women – truly changing the face of what it means to be a brand, a fashion line, and a female entrepreneur.

We asked Sterling – What does being a female founder mean to you?

“Being a female founder is a lot of responsibility because as a woman, you want to prove that you can do anything a man can do. I believe women can do it all! To me, being a female founder means empowering and inspiring all women with my businesses and every action I take.”

Sterling puts a whole new meaning to the term ‘business woman’ as she builds brands. She runs the show with true vision and a whole lot of style. @sterlingmcdavid @burnettnewyork @starlingproject

We love living in a world where these women lead the way! In business and in life – they’re vulnerable they’re fearless they’re brilliant and bold and they are WOMEN helping other WOMEN. We’ll say it again – we are so much better…together.




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