Why Focus on Micro vs. the Macro Influencers

Why Your Core Focus Should be on the Micro & Nano vs. the Macro (Influencers)

Did you know that 30% of consumers are more likely to buy your product if it’s recommended by a non-celebrity Influencer?

Why? Simple, consumers are able to relate and engage more closely with these Influencers as opposed to the Kylie Jenner’s of the world. This makes Micro and Nano Influencers essential to your marketing strategy!

For some, Influencer Marketing, and the individuals that bear the moniker are considered modern day celebrities. This would have been the right answer back in the ’90s when the masses were all rocking beepers, and social media was just starting out, but this simply isn’t the case anymore. Let’s break it down: Influencer Marketing and their levels of influence consist of four layers:

  1. Mega/Celebrity Influencer (700k to 1M+ followers)
  2. Macro Influencer (100k to 699k followers)
  3. Micro Influencer (10k to 99k followers)
  4. Brand Advocate/Nano Influencer (500 – 9,999 followers)

While Celebrity and Macro Influencers have their place, it’s the Micro Influencers and Brand Advocates or Nano Influencers who generate a lot of engagement and are valuable to brands on a budget.

What’s the reason? Their authenticity and the psychology of consumer behavior ie. they are TRUSTED ENDORSEMENTS.  “It’s often easier to believe a Micro Influencer has actually bought or used a featured product…This kind of authenticity attracts engagement, awareness and brand recall,” per Social Media Today.

Micro and  Nano Influencers tend to also have a true relationship with their followers. This makes their followers more fiercely loyal and interested in what they say and post about. This is in stark contrast to a Mega Influencer who has millions of followers that they honestly cannot connect with on a regular basis. Micro and Nano Influencers not only average more engagement, but they drive more weekly conversations, and again they’re more affordable.


If your marketing goal is to simply maximize your reach, and your boss is cool with vanity KPI’s, then Mega and Macro Influencers can work, but fair warning – they’re going to cost you a pretty penny and your team should be looking at real ROI conversions. Depending on the Influencer, you can end up paying anywhere from $2,000 to $500,000 per post.

With Micro Influencers, you’ll be spending $200 to $1,000 per post, with averages being closer to $200, and in some instances even lower, with Nano’s many times you can find that they would be happy with the simple gifting of your products in exchange for a shoutout.

Micro and Nano Influencers are your best allies towards building real brand advocacy and affinity. Fair warning that there is some extra work involved as you will still want to create a campaign, as opposed to just a single post (it is actually never suggested to our clients that they simply request or pay for a single post-campaign).

Depending on your business, start with local or geo-targeted Micro and Nano Influencers based on your most lucrative sales distribution areas and build up from there. In order to still maintain the reach of a Mega or Macro Influencer, you will want to curate a list of Micro and Nano Influencers that equate to what might be a Mega/Macro Influencer’s following.

“For a brand to achieve the best possible ROI on a campaign, it is ideal to hire a group of Micro-Influencers,” per Forbes. Leveraging a group of Micro Influencers expands reach, increases engagement, provides access to more niche audiences, and is more affordable than putting all your eggs into one Mega Influencer’s basket.

Start building relationships with Micro and Nano Influencers, follow them, engage with their posts frequently and then “slide into their DMs” or email.  When you show them this kind of consistent support they see your genuine interest in who they are and topics that are important to them. Then when you are building out your Influencer campaign, and you contact them, there is an existing relationship and you are less likely to confused with an automated search.

Influencers may have large social followings and thousands of fans, but they are still human! They are just like anyone else you meet and value attention to their details and being appreciated and acknowledged for their individuality as much as their follower count.

So, the next time you’re strategizing over your next Influencer Marketing campaign, remember this quote from Sidney Pierucci, Founder of ESPLMedia, “The Game isn’t just getting eyeballs; but getting eyeballs that care!”

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